Editing Department

The Editing department provides instruction in the full-time Bachelor’s and Master’s level, and full-time and external Doctoral level of the Editing and Sound Design study program, Editing study plan.

Bachelor’s study (full-time, standard length of study: 3 years)

The goal of the study is to achieve professional post-secondary qualification in the area of film and television editing. The study consists of theoretic preparation, practical exercises and individual creative editing work under the guidance of the pedagogues. The theoretic subjects are a background to practical creation and expand general knowledge from the cultural, especially the film, area.

The Film Editing bachelor student is capable of an analysis of reality and of the authorial defining of a project in the form of a text – enabling its interpretation in a media form, making a synthesis into an audio-visual communication – artefact form of art. He/she is capable of comparing various types of narration, both from the standpoint of dramaturgic-esthetic origins and from that of their orientation to the future artistic work. He/she is fully prepared to apply himself/herself in praxis in the position of a film or television editor in all movies of film-related genres and in multimedia, and is suitable for independent assistant activities in live-action film.

Master’s study (full-time, standard length of study: 2 years)

The main goal of the study is the achievement of a capacity for creative interpretation of intellectual processes and the gaining of interpersonal experience in teamwork, the formation of mental concepts and the creation of verbal or otherwise fixed projects of audio-visual works. In the process of carrying out artistic conceptions in the creation of an audio-visual work, the student is influenced by ongoing developments in the area of technology.

Editing studio Pedagogues

prof. Darina SMRŽOVÁ – Head of the department

prof. Patrik PAŠŠ

doc. Štefan ŠVEC, ArtD.

doc. Maroš ŠLAPETA, ArtD.

Mgr. art. Michal KONDRLA, ArtD.

Mgr. art. Peter POKORNÝ, ArtD.

Internal Doctoral student: Mgr.art. Alexandra JONÁŠOVÁ